Bungalow By The Sea
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This sea facing bungalow is a site-responsive, highly livable contemporary home for a business family in Goa. This seaside home designed by the team is decidedly a contemporary piece of architecture that is largely driven by the site conditions. Although contemporary, the design is laced with elements of the family history. Architecturally, the most striking aspect of the house is its dynamic, sleek forms that greets visitors at the street. The form was driven by the desire to stand out from the neighbour, which looms close and heavy at the site’s boundary. CONTOURS - THE DESIGN CO has craftily designed a plan where all the interiors spaces open to the panoramic view of the sea. The bungalow is aesthetically designed with their client’s lifestyle in mind. A pergola type of seating on the upper level, the treadmill pool, an outdoor shower to wash sand off after their regular beach visits etc. The house is also highly flexible with the ground floor having a living room, kitchen, master bedroom. The site conditions and the need for accessibility have driven the architectural form of this house, resulting in a dynamic facade and dramatic interiors. Yet it’s the livability and the architects’ understanding of the clients’ personal lifestyle makes it a comfortable and joyous place to live for the client.